The Latino Court Officers Society is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Charitable Organization.
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The objective of this fraternal organization is to unite employees of the Unified Court System into a Society dedicated to the mutual development and common interests of its members by perpetuating the ideals of fellowship, service, professionalism, and integrity amongst its members. This Society will pursue the advancement of employees within the Unified Court System. The Latino Court Officers Society will make the commitment to labor within our communities and give back to those in need. The Latino Court Officers Society will advocate on behalf of all our members on all matters of unfair treatment such as discriminatory practices and any kind of conduct that would impede a member’s career development and pursuit of happiness.


Constitution & Bylaws



Jessica Hernandez

Erica Prosper

Rafael Nieves

Anthony Vazquez

This society was founded by passionate individuals who hope to make a difference in the Latino community of the Unified Court System.  Many efforts were made to build organizational pride, strength and unity.  The Founders invested countless hours because they believe passionately in the ideas behind the ventures of the Latino Court Officers Society’s mission.  It is a privilege for us to serve our community and our members.

Executive Board