We welcome uniform and non-uniform New York State Court Employed Peace Officers (active and retired) who have Hispanic/Latino association or interest in Hispanic/Latino culture.  For individuals who are not a peace officers and have Hispanic/Latino association or interest in Hispanic/Latino culture you are welcome to join us as an Associate Member.

All applications will be reviewed and membership will be accepted upon approval by the Executive Officers.  When applying online, your payment will not be processed until your online application is approved by the Executive Officers.  We ask that all applicants submit a copy of their NYS Courts or State Issued ID with their application.  If applying online, you will be required to upload your ID on the form.

The dues to join the Latino Court Officers Society are as follows:

New Active Members: $25.00 (Renewal: $20.00)
Retired Members: $15.00
Associate Members: $15.00

The annual contribution shall be paid upon initially joining or renewing by the 28th of February each year regardless of when the membership was established.

Any member whose contributions are in arrears for 6 months shall stand suspended and while suspended shall not be entitled to the benefits of this society, including the privilege to vote and receive scholarships.