Erica Prosper

My name is Lieutenant Erica Prosper; I started my career in 2010 in the 9th JD. I am currently a full-time NYS Court Officers Academy Instructor. But did you know I am one of the Founders of the Latino Court Officers Society? Since my first day at my command in Mount Vernon City Court, I wanted to know where to meet more people and show my pride! Eventually, while attending a NY JETS tailgating event in 2015, CO Anthony Vazquez became tired of hearing me talk about needing more people to represent at the NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, LOL. That’s when he told me, still a new jack then, to talk to Court Officer (at the time) Jessica Hernandez. Fast forward to 2016, Jessica and I were motivated and inspired, and Anthony Vazquez knew we were on to something special. That’s when the three of us joined forces and invited Sgt. Ralph Nieves to provide a space where Latinos and others interested in our culture could gather, connect, and foster professional development. UNIDAD By September 2017, the Latino Court Officers Society (LCOS) became an active Fraternal Organization in the Unified Court System. There is so much pride in having an idea, working collaboratively, and bringing a vision to fruition. ORGULLO 

LCOS hit the ground running, and I have been blessed to be a part of an organization that was immediately ready to jump significant hurdles, like collecting over a thousand toys for children after Hurricane Maria, flying them to Puerto Rico, connecting with the Puerto Rico State Guard, and coordinating toy deliveries to hospitals, small pueblos, and hard-to-reach locations on the island. The Latino Court Officers Society had strength from the beginning. FUERZA

For me, this is all about CONNECTING. Having an intellectual, professional, and social space where a UCS Court employee of Latino/Hispanic descent, or anyone interested in our culture, can meet, exchange ideas, and celebrate life! When people “show up,” incredible growth and opportunity will follow. Vote for me, and let’s continue to push the Latino Court Officers Society to even greater heights.