Holiday Cheer Giving Event

To participate, fill out the form below.

❗️ Things to know:

➡️ You do NOT have to be a member to volunteer!

➡️ We are expecting the children’s letters by November 19th November 24th.  Once they have been received, the gift requests will be added to our Amazon Wish List.

➡️ We are asking for a monetary limit of $35 per gift.

➡️ Once the children’s letters are ready we will contact our volunteers with the Amazon link as well as a copy of their child’s wish list(s) using their contact preference.  We will give each volunteer instructions on shipping and adding gift options, should they wish to do so.

➡️ You are NOT required to purchase all 3 gifts listed.  While the children are listing 3 items, we ask that you do not get more than 2 gifts per child.  We do not want the children to see that one is getting more gifts than the other.

❓If you have any questions please contact Financial Secretary Ishaira Garcia at .

Thank you for your participation during this holday season!

Thanks for your interest in the Holiday Cheer Giving Event! We are happy to announce that all children have been accounted for! Follow The Latino Court Officers Society, Inc. for future events!