Thursday, March 1, 2018
New York County Supreme Court, 111 Centre Street, New York

Seven Executive Officers of the newly formed Latino Court Officers Society of New York State were sworn in at a ceremony that took place at New York County Supreme Court.

The President, Sgt. Jessica Hernandez; 1st Vice President, Sgt. Erica Prosper; 2nd Vice President, Sgt. Rafael Nieves; Treasurer, CO Dennis Duque; Secretary, CO Mark Hirschman; Financial Secretary, CO Ishaira Garcia and Recording Secretary, CO Daniel Vega were sworn in by the Hon. Evelyn LaPorte and the Hon. Joseph Zayas.

Also attending the ceremony were Michael Magliano, Chief of Public Safety and Joseph Baccellieri, Chief of Training.

The Latino Court Officers Society is a fraternal organization whose goal is to unite peace officers of the Unified Court System into a Society dedicated to the mutual development and common interests of its Latino members. Its mission is to perpetuate the ideals of fellowship, service, professionalism and integrity amongst its members.

Photo: From left to right: Chief Joseph Baccellieri; Hon. Evelyn LaPorte; CO Dennis Duque; CO Mark Hirschman; Sgt. Erica Prosper; Sgt. Rafael Nieves; Sgt. Jessica Hernandez; CO Daniel Vega; CO Ishaira Garcia; Hon. Joseph Zayas; Chief Michael Magliano.