Mi Gente!

It’s with great honor to inform you that The Latino Court Officers Society and several members will be receiving the Judith S. Kaye Service Award. This public recognition is for community service the Society has provided. The award will be presented to us by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks.

President Hernandez and The Executive Board want to personally thank all of our members and especially those being honored. We thank you for your outstanding representation of The Society via your compassion and humanity to the community.

The ceremony will be held on Law Day, Tuesday May 1, 2018 at Court of Appeals Hall 20 Eagle Street Albany NY 12227. Law Day Ceremony will begin at 11:30 am.

The honorees are as following:

SGT Jessica Hernandez, President – Bronx Hall of Justice
SGT Erica Prosper, 1st Vice President – Academy
SGT Ralph Nieves, 2nd Vice President – Bronx Criminal Court
CO Dennis Duque, Treasurer – Queens Supreme (Kew Gardens)
CO Ishaira Garcia, Financial Secretary – Bronx Hall of Justice
CO Mark Hirschman, Secretary – Bronx Criminal Hall of Justice
CO Daniel Vega, Recording Secretary – Kings Family Court
LT Steve Vera, Sergeant of Arms – Academy
SCC Yvette Cruz, Sergeant of Arms – Bronx Housing Court
CO Anthony Vazquez, SCOA – Founder
CAPT Anthony Rodriguez, Trustee – 3rd Judicial District
SCC Angelina Perez, Trustee – New York Criminal Supreme
LT Pete Cosme, Bronx Hall of Justice
SCO Elaine Bacci, Richmond Supreme
SCO Thomas Quinn, Queens Supreme (Kew Gardens)
CO Felix Fernandez, Kings Family Court
CO Sharifa John, Kings Family Court
CO Ravil Lopez, Bronx Criminal Hall of Justice
CO Jomayra Medina, Bronx Criminal Hall of Justice
CO Shiniqua Diaz, Bronx Criminal Court
CO Aleus Philius, Bronx Criminal Court
CO Robert Calero, Bronx Criminal Court
COT Maria Vinas, Bronx Family Court
Bronx DA Clerk Eddie Rodriguez

Congratulations to all honorees!

Jessica Hernandez