Reel for a Cause

Helping our members give back.

Do you want us to post your reel for a special cause?

If so, this is what we will need you to do.

Video Instructions

Send us five (5) video recordings of 10 seconds or less. Or a total of 50 seconds combined. We will do the rest. Our team will edit the videos, add music and effects, and post it on our social media pages.

The five videos should be as follows:
*Tap each instruction for a tooltip*

  • 1. Who are you? Introduce yourself.

    Member’s name, rank/title, command, and time on the job.

  • 2. What is the cause?

    State the name, location, and purpose of the cause.

  • 3. Why is it important to you?

    Tell us why you want others to help. (Sell it!)

  • 4. How can people help?

    Tell everyone how they can help. (Money, Walk, Lend a hand, Share info)

  • 5. When do you need it?

    Event date. Deadline/due date.

Please consider the following suggestions for a great video finish:

  • Good lighting
  • Minimize background noise
  • Choose a neat or plain background
  • Wear an appropriate outfit
  • Make a note of your hair & makeup (if applicable)
  • Speak clearly